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When we choose an NMN(Beta-Nicotinamide Mononucleotide) supplement, we are always worried about its quality and effect. Quality is what counts. Misspep NMN 20000 is manufactured in the United States in a GMP-certified facility to ensure its safety and efficacy. Misspep NMN supplement is GMP certified. In this article, we will introduce more information about GMP certification.

misspep nmn supplement GMP certified


What is GMP certified?

GMP, full name Good Manufacturing Practice, is a system that standards the production and quality management of food, drugs, and supplement products. It’s laid down a regulation by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). GMP certified indicates that the products are consistently produced and controlled according to quality standards.experiment test

Why do we need NMN supplement GMP certified?

For consumers, it's not clear how the products are made. Especially for NMN, it's in high value and there are some false manufactures in markets. As a new brand, we, Misspep, are extremely concerned about its quality. How can we substantiate NMN supplement quality and purity? It’s GMP certified.

NMN supplement GMP certified covers all aspects of production from starting materials, premises and equipment to employee training and personal hygiene. Detailed written procedures are essential for every process that may affect the quality of the finished product. There must be a system to provide documented evidence that correct procedures have been followed at every step of the manufacturing process - every time a product is manufactured.

In a word, you now possess a more comprehensive understanding of GMP and why we need it.


What does GMP certified mean?

The primary purpose of GMP certified is always to prevent potential harm to the consumers from the source. It shows that they produce their products at the highest level of quality possible. Furthermore, if a manufacturer is GMP certified, it means the supplements produced by them like NMN are made in an FDA approved facility.

It’s really reassuring when we buy the product with GMP certified, such as NMN supplement.misspep factory

Besides, Misspep NMN supplement is tested by a 3rd party that is >99% pure and free of heavy metals, bacteria, yeast, mold, etc. Visit the homepage for more infomation about our NMN supplement.

If you want to see our NMN supplement GMP certificate, please email us at support@nutrbank.com. We won’t display the certificate in our online store avoiding anyone uses it as illegal behavior.

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