Misspep Launches New Anti-fatigue Product, Assists You in Fighting Long Workdays

A civilized and healthy lifestyle is an inevitable requirement for promoting the all-round development of people. It is the basic condition for economic and social development, and an important symbol of national prosperity. Everyone is the first responsible person for their own health, and should establish and practice the concept of health management. MISS PEP, a natural nutrition brand, originated in the United States, has been adhering to the concept of "Beauty from inside out", we strive for innovation, continue to convey the concepts of nutrition, exercise and mindfulness to the public, and empower the nutrition and health industry.


Workplace Fatigue and Having a Hard Time Concentrating?

Let Complex Amino Acid bring you the answer, it contains 12 amino acids, which sweeps away the feeling of fatigue, dullness, and helps you concentrate.

Stimulate brain sensitivity, replenish brain energy, enhance thinking ability, and improve memory. MISS PEP R&D team stated that, the research and development of complex amino acid products is people-oriented, the process started from the structure of the human body, to fundamentally alleviate workplace fatigue. Muscles, bones, skin, hair, organs, and blood of the human body are all composed of amino acids; therefore, there would be no life without amino acids. Amino acids can also synthesize myoprotein. The contraction of muscle is the basis for completing various biological functions.

MISS PEP R&D team added three essential vitamins including VC to the amino acid complex capsules. Among them, vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, is of great help to repair human bodies. Not only does it help the body to metabolize amino acids, but also enhances the absorption rate of trace minerals such as Iron and Calcium. Iron in particular can help transport more oxygen into our blood, in order to make you more energetic.


Made in a Food-grade Factory in the US, a Brand You Can Trust

MISS PEP is very stringent with its standards and quality, with every process strictly controlled and managed. It has established cooperation with factories with food safety qualifications in the United States. The factory covers an area of ​​more than 100,000 square meters and has large-scale standardized workshops. It has the world's most advanced scientific research instruments and equipment, 

automatic production lines and quality control inspection instruments. There are several functional spaces such as small-molecule peptide production centers and storage centers, which fully meet the R&D and production needs of cowhide peptides, deep-sea cod peptides, and other peptide health products. The United States pays close attention to food safety and has extremely strict requirements for product supervision. MISS PEP has been committed to the research of anti-fatigue substances, and has carried out joint research and development in laboratories with major scientific research institutions. MISS PEP is supported by strong biotechnology, and it has been granted the US GMP certification through unremitting efforts.

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