How to Take NMN Supplement in Proper Way


  • Take it 1 hour before breakfast for maximizing absorption
  • Begin to take NMN Supplement from 30, you will feel different after 3 months
  • NMN powder or capsules have no difference
  • Taking NMN Sublingual (under the tongue) or orally can both be well absorbed

Why Do We Need take NMN Supplement?

How long have you taken NMN supplement? Do you take it in the best method for best absorption? Here we will tell you the dose of NMN supplement per day for different ages and the proper way to take it.

As we know, NMN produces NDA+. It’s an effective supplement anti-aging intervention, with beneficial effects on a wide array of physiological functions: brain, inflammation, insulin, and mitochondria. It has an interlocking transformations with NDA+. NMN 20000 is a gamechanger in extending our life and health spans.

why do we need take MNN supplement

NMN is widely present in our daily food, vegetables like broccoli (0.25-1.12 mg/100g), fruit like avocado (0.36-1.60 mg/100g), and seafood like shrimp (0.22 mg/100g). It’s extracted from foods and measured by HPLC.

As NAD+ decreases with age, we need more NMN every day to produce NAD+. Many foods all contain a much lower amount of NMN(250 mg NMN needs 25kg broccoli per day), therefore we should take NMN Supplement daily from 30.

NMN supplement present in foods

NMN Powder or Capsule, Which is Better?

In the market, NMN is available in two types - powder and capsules. How should we choose? Capsules are more convenient to carry and easier to take, While powders can be mixed with milk or cordial, and the dose is controllable. You can adjust the powder’s dose according to your effect.

In actuality, there is no study shows that powder or powder intake results in better absorption than the capsule. Many people are curious about how to take it.

is nmn powder better than capsule

How to Take NMN Sublingually

Alternatively, take NMN powder sublingually. Place the NMN powder directly under your tongue and let it rest for at least 60 seconds. This method allows for direct absorption into the bloodstream.

Is Sublingual Better than Oral?

One more question, is sublingual (under the tongue) taking NMN better than oral? It’s uncertain. The sublingual form avoids having to go through the acid stomach and is absorbed directly into the bloodstream. Although It sounds better absorption, no studies indicate this form is more effective.

For oral consumption, mix NMN powder with water, juice, or milk of your choice. Depending on your age, grab a spoonful or more, and blend it into your preferred beverage.

The upcoming paragraphs will delve into the recommended dosages for different age groups, so stay tuned.

Numerous studies have demonstrated that oral and sublingual consumption methods can be absorbed well. The choice between the two is simply a matter of personal preference.
Remember, the key lies in timing your NMN intake correctly to maximize its benefits.

A recent search by Trusted Source shows that NMN is well absorbed when taken orally. It converts into NAD+ within 15 minutes. Professor David Sinclair, arguably one of the world-leading specialists on NMN and aging, takes NMN by mouth every morning.

1 how to take NMN supplement

Best Time to Take NMN Supplement

To match your natural rhythm where our NAD is highest in the morning drops rise again at mid-day, then drop again in the evening, you’d better take it 1 hour before breakfast on an empty belly in the morning. It’s the best absorption, gives enough energy for the day, and doesn't affect night sleep.

Some people who take it in the evening or afternoon may feel bad sleep, restless leg syndrome, or other discomforts at night, which go away when taking NMN in the morning. It is to be remembered that the supplement is not to be mixed with other substances as it can significantly reduce the bioavailability of the supplement.

In a word, we strongly suggest taking NMN supplement preferably an hour before breakfast. Please notice to take the appropriate dosage daily.

How Much NMN Should I Take?

It’s recommended that we should take NMN if we’re over 30. Although Harvard professor David Sinclair takes 1 gram of NMN daily, when working out how much we need to take daily, it’s important to consider how the NMN is administered and its bioavailability.

There are 4 combinations: powder and capsule with oral and sublingual. The key point is how much NMN makes it into your blood system. So far, there is no scientific proof or official statement about the dose per day. The good news about NMN is that there are few if any side effects. Here are dosages that are based on customer feedback:



30 - 40 Years Old

200-400 mg/day

40 - 50 Years Old

400-600 mg/day

50 - 60 Years Old

600-800 mg/day

Over 60 Years Old

800-1200 mg/day


After you take NMN Supplement, it will convert into NAD+ within 15 minutes and levels continued to rise over an hour.

However, it’s essential to note that, like all supplements, to feel a benefit, it must be taken over a prolonged period. We would typically recommend 3 months. It increases overall performance physically and mentally after 3 months. You may feel more energetic, have longer endurance, and don't get so tired as easily.

Notice that everyone is different and you might not experience the same effects as others in the same amount of time. Plus, NMN is not cheap and we should make the umost without waste.

Why is NMN Supplement so Expensive?

Most people may confuse that NMN is too expensive. That resulted from its complex manufacturing process. There are 13 stages from nicotinamide to the final product including purification, concentration, crystallization, filtering, drying and grinding, testing with quality control, and the packaging of the final product.

Please be worn that if you find a product in the market that is cheaper than most others, the provider may combine it with other ingredients. It’s crucial to look for supplements that have undergone laboratory testing to determine their purity.

2 how to take nmn supplement

The Bottom Line

NMN is an emerging supplement that reverses the effects of aging. Studies in Japan indicate that we reach 50 most of us have half the NAD+ levels we had in our 20s. NMN can raise NAD+ levels throughout your body and works best in conjunction with an active lifestyle and a healthy diet.

We should take it in the morning on an empty stomach and with different dosages according to different ages without worrying about any side effects. If you are needing to get more energy and vigour like 20’s, just try NMN. You will feel different after 3 months.

Contact us today with any questions about NMN or any of our products, we’re eager to hear from you.


FAQ about NMN Supplement:

Q: I started and I am on Day 3 of 1 gram of NMN at 7:00 am, confused about how long should I wait for my coffee/breakfast 10, 20 minutes or more?

A: Give it half an hour to eat, and then drink coffee, that's how I do it and it feels good.


Q: Why are people taking this very expensive NMN when Metformin, which is dirt cheap, will have the same effect...maybe even better.

A: The secret is creating synergy between different molecules targeting all different longevity genes. Metformin and NMN work differently and are likely to have a synergetic effect.


Q: How long do you have to take NMN to notice a difference?

A: I started at 350 mg. After about two months I noticed that I no longer had muscle inflammation causing stiffness of the muscles in the morning or after sitting too long. At age 67 that made me feel younger. Things like a reduction of LDL and triglyceride levels came months after I increased to 600 mg. My small cataracts vanished after I increased them to 900 mg. A study showed it increased NAD by 22% at 100 mg, 54% at 300 mg, and 141% at 1000 mg. (I may be slightly off on these numbers, but they are approximated correctly.)


Q: Can I take NMN with coffee?

A: Sure. NMN can dissolve easily in water. You'd better take it with cold or warm coffee since high temperatures may affect its potency. The taste is great. Also, warm or cold water and juice is okay.

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