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Fucoxanthin helps to burn abdominal fat, fight obesity, optimize body cholesterol composition, and help regulate blood glucose levels. No exercise is needed.

Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 1 Capsule

Serving Per Container: 60 (2 Months)

Expiration time: April 2024


Pure Fucoxanthin 10% (Derived from algae)

Other Ingredients

Hypromellose, Purified Water

How to Take it

As a dietary supplement, adults take one(1) tablet daily or as directed by a healthcare professional.



As urban dwellers, you may face many obstacles when it comes to weight management.

  • Tried many times but hard to lose belly fat

  • Had a hard time cutting down on fast food

  • Reached a weight-loss plateau


Do not worry, Nutrbank Misspep fucoxanthin can help! 


Algae is one of the most abundant carotenoids, which contributes more than 10% of the estimated total production of carotenoids in nature, especially in the marine environment. Fucoxanthin is an orange-colored pigment and has unusual allenic bonds which give unique properties. Some non-allenic carotenoids, such as lutein, were found to not exhibit the suppressive effect of fat accumulation in adipose tissue or in the liver, indicating that the allene bond of fucoxanthin and its metabolites might be important for the inhibition of fat deposit.

Fucoxanthin is a rare ingredient that can be extracted only approx. 0.0003 to 0.0006% from brown algae such as Mozuku (Cladosiphon Okamuranus), Kombu (Kelp), and Wakame (Undaria).

Fucoxanthin is used to convert fat in visceral adipose tissue into heat and energy, study shows it helps to reduce plasma and hepatic triglyceride concentrations and cholesterol-regulating enzyme activities, as well as fatty acid oxidation enzyme activity in epididymal white adipose tissue.

White adipose tissue in human bodies(stained in orange)

    Picture: White adipose tissue in human bodies(stained in orange)


Our fucoxanthin formula is scientifically-crafted to deliver you the best in wellness support.

Weight loss often correlates with improvement in NAFLD (Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease). Therefore, for an effective weight management program, you can see the following biomarker improvements: improvement in body composition, liver fat content, and liver function tests; healthier lipid blood profiles; and fewer inflammation symptoms.

By optimizing the cholesterol composition, you can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and maintain a healthy weight and bring back the waist circumference you have been trying to get.

The Science

A double-blind study in 2009 jointly done by the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences and National Bioscience Corporation in USA, the study shows that after taking 8mg of pure fucoxanthin for 16 weeks, NAFLD patients showed an increase of 22% on Resting Energy Expenditure (REE). REE means the calories that you burn while resting.

With the increase of REE and proper diet improvement, weight loss and overall well-being could be reached in order to gain optimal health conditions.

Another animal study from The Korean Nutrition Society and the Korean Society of Community Nutrition has shown that after taking 0.2% fucoxanthin for 4 weeks, it showed that fucoxanthin supplements significantly increased plasma HDL concentration when compared to that a high-fat only diet. The hepatic total lipid was significantly decreased in the fucoxanthin+high fat group when compared with the high-fat group. Hepatic cholesterol and triglycerides were also significantly lower in the HF+Fxn group than in the HF group. (Ha AW, Kim WK.2013)



Let Nutrbank gives you that little push you’ve been yearning for. Don’t let “NEW YEAR’S Resolution” be only an empty promise.

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